About Us


Welcome to Bizzy Bee Pre School, where we prioritize your child’s early learning journey. Our preschool boasts expansive play areas, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a safe, secure environment overseen by dedicated and trained teachers. At Bizzy Bee, we are committed to providing your precious little one with a memorable and enriching early learning experience. Give your child the gift of the best first learning encounter, setting the foundation for a lifetime of cherished memories and educational success.

In the big world filled with little wonders, preschool serves as the magical place where tiny feet take their first steps into learning. It is where the adventure of learning and growth begins, setting the tone for a lifetime of achievement, and opening the door to endless possibilities. Today, let us dive into the heart of early childhood education, where the experience is as remarkable as the destination.

What We Offer


Toddler Program: Age 1 to 3 Years

  • Duration: 3.5 hours of engaging classes
  • Focus on Primary Areas of Development:
    • Motor Abilities: Emphasis on nurturing and building gross and fine motor skills.
    • Language Skills: Encourages language development through interactive activities.
    • Social-Emotional Skills: Fosters emotional intelligence and social interactions.
    • Cognitive Skills: Stimulates cognitive growth through age-appropriate activities.

Month 1 Program: 4 to 5 years

  • Duration: 4 hours of daily classes
  • Preparation for School:
    • Comprehensive preparation for the transition to formal schooling.
  • Introduction of Fundamental Math Concepts:
    • Early exposure to basic mathematical concepts in a playful and accessible manner.
  • Development of Valuable Social Skills:
    • Focus on interpersonal skills, teamwork, and cooperation.
  • Building Reading and Writing Skills:
    • Introduction to foundational skills in reading and writing.

Nursery Program: 3 to 4 years

  • Duration: 3.5 hours of interactive classes
  • Learning Through Captivating Themes:
    • Introduction to diverse themes to make learning engaging and relatable.
  • Stimulating Curiosity, Exploration, and Creativity:
    • Activities designed to encourage curiosity, exploration of the environment, and fostering creativity.
  • Promotion of Constructive Learning:

Emphasis on hands-on, constructive learning experiences.

Month 2 Program: 5 to 6 years

  • Duration: 4 hours of daily classes
  • Preparation for School:
    • Continued preparation for the academic challenges of formal schooling.
  • Introduction of Fundamental Math Concepts:
    • Building on mathematical knowledge with more advanced concepts.
  • Development of Valuable Social Skills:
    • Advanced social skills development, including communication and conflict resolution.
  • Building Reading and Writing Skills:
    • Further development of reading comprehension and writing proficiency.


What Our Families are Saying

I don’t feel guilty that somebody else is raising my daughter while I work. I know that they’re doing a great job!

I wish there was Bizzy Bees Playschool when I was growing up. I’m grateful to get the opportunity to send my children to a school like this. 

I wish the school all the best and hope they continue to do such marvellous activities for the children.Actually, if not for the children, I request it for the parents sake, please.